Introducing Board of Director

representative director
San Motegi

Born in 1951

Graduated from Musashi Junior-high and high school, entered International Christian University (ICU) in 1971

Graduated ICU in 1976, Joined Sony Corporation in the same year
Assigned to Headquarters Business Planning and Accounting Group

Transferred to Sony USA from 1979 to 1992. Experienced Controller position in Research Center and Production Company, Director, Business Planning position in USA Headquarters (stayed in 4 cities, Palo Alto, CA. Fort Lauderdale, FL. Park Ridge, NJ. San Diego, CA.)
After returning to Japan, experienced management and senior management positions in Display Marketing, TV China Project, Flat Panel Display Business Alliance, Internet Project (My Sony).

Retired from Sony in 2004, and established San Motegi Research Inc. in April of the same year

Personal interests are in reading books, engage in various sporting activities (jogging, tennis, golf, swimming, martial arts, etc.)