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Privacy Policy

San Motegi Research Inc. (SMR) will handle your private information in accordance with the law of Japan, and the Privacy Policy described as in below.

  1. Private information
    custome's name, address, telephone number, email address, etc.
  2. How we obtain the Private information
    through emails, telephone conversations, meetings, documents, etc.
  3. Purpose of obtaining the Private information
    (1) To perform operations at SMR.
    (2) To inform customers of the operations at SMR.
  4. Handling of the Private information
    SMR will file and control the Private information entirely and accurately.
  5. Sharing of the Private information
    SMR, except under for the law compliance purposes, will not share the Private information with third party without customer's consent.
  6. Amendment and Deletion of the Private information
    SMR, if requested by customers, will amend or delete the Private information quickly and appropriately.
  7. Access Log
    SMR will file and monitor access log at our web site. The information contains date and URL of such accesses however, they do not include identity of individuals, and are not intended to monitor behavior of individuals. The information will be utilized to analyze usage of the site, and to improve our site operations.


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